Meet The Team

Thank you for visiting Contraflex, your friendly, flexible, local vehicle leasing specialists.
Contraflex has over 20 years solid, ethical trading in Northern Ireland, during which we have developed strong relationships with local banks and financial institutions, this means we are ideally placed to help you to secure a competitive rate, with a package that improves your cash flow, and removes the hassle of running your vehicle or fleet

Managing Director

John Henry

They say that the character of a company is determined by the nature of its  former owner. That may explain why customers find Contraflex so approachable and easy to deal with. You see, when John Henry founded Contraflex in 2000, he brought his own innate warmth and geniality to the company. He also brought rigorous honesty and integrity, characteristics which remain instilled to this day.

Finance Director

Cathryne Mahood

Cathy’ is the financial director for Contraflex and her car number plate really should begin with the letters CCC. That’s because no matter what’s going on around her, Cathy always remains Cool, Calm & Collected! Utterly unflappable, her sane, rational approach to financial issues is much appreciated by customers and colleagues alike, because it makes doing business so much easier for everyone.

Senior Account Manager

Gerry Trainor

Gerry’s career track includes management roles with the BBC, Tesco and a major motor group, but one common theme runs throughout – a genuine desire to deliver the best possible service to every customer. This is an approach he applies diligently at Contraflex. Mind you, Gerry’s immersion in the motor industry hasn’t stopped him earning his sea legs – there’s nothing he loves more than relaxing on an exotic cruise to far distant shores!

Senior Account Manager

Robert Flanagan

Robert has been with Contraflex just over two years, leaving his previous employment with Wilsons of Rathkenny as a Business Manager he has almost 30 years’ experience in the motor industry. Robert brings a wealth of experience in the industry, and has become the perfect fit for our team. Robert is a keen Rugby Player and Coach and spends most of his weekends going to Pony events and competitions with his daughter Katie and the famous Rusty. Robert is a valued member of our team, and our go to guy, so helpful and unflappable

Account Manager

dave McClune

Dave has just joined Contraflex and already has his feet under the table, and is the perfect fit for our small team,  Dave also has a wealth of experience having worked in our industry for a number of years with Agnew Corporate and DFC.  Dave is a young family man, with two young children Emily and Oliver.  Dave spends his weekends playing hockey for his local team in Bangor, and the rest of the time keeping the kids occupied.

Account Manager

Thomas Fegan

Thomas is a business consultant who spends a % of his week looking after our business customers to find the perfect vehicle for them.
Thomas is a sports fanatic and having spent 12 years running Eddie Irvine Sports he decided to look after the big cars instead. Every time he ran in front of karts he got ‘tyred’ and every time he ran after them he got ‘exhausted’.
Thomas loves making customers happy and because of that ‘the friendly flexible leasing people’ was the perfect fit for him. 

Account Manager

Ella Cheeseman

In a classic case of poacher turned gamekeeper, Ella joined Contraflex after a successful career in banking. But set aside any preconceptions of a stereotypical banker. Ella is 100% a people person…her warmth and humour is captivating… her delight at helping her customers is inspiring… and she makes doing business a pleasure!